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Saturday, July 07, 2007
And Again, La Jolla
Best of the La Jolla Summer.

This summer's living in La Jolla has been all about the work. In between, here and there, I've carved out little bits of time to enjoy all that my favorite neighborhood has to offer. I've decided to summarize them with "Best of" lists. Corny, I know, but I'm only including places I've actually visited.

Top Eateries:

1. Rubios: This chain, built on a bit of industrial espionage by a young entrepreneur, is a staple. Usually the first thing I have is a fish taco, and the last is an order of the same. (One franchise is in the San Diego airport.) Unforgettable, undeniable.

2. Niban: This little sushi place is casual without that fast-food feel, and classy enough for a date with the spouse. Seating is usually limited, and often the line curves around the glass front. Start with edamame, follow with a Bento box, sushi combo, or sashimi platter. Green tea completes my favorite meals.

3. Rock Bottom Cafe: We could walk here, if we didn't drive so much. Rock Bottom serves steaks, fish plates, hearty American bar food. They know how not to overdo a fine steak, though the standard warnings apply. A large selection of beers pleases the spouse.

4. Sunflower Deli: This little gem is a little hard to find. Diagonally across from UTC shopping center on Town Center Drive, this basement-level deli is hidden in a monolithic office building. With views of an enclosed terrace (with outdoor seating), this Deli serves the best sandwiches and homemade soup I've tasted. So far, I've only had the pleasure once, but I tried again on July 5th, and they were closed for the holiday -- for three days straight, which Jon and I surmise is the reason they have held onto the same employees for three summers straight. Not open weekends, and open only for breakfast and lunch during the week, it's usually populated by what in LJ pass for suits: khaki's and a Hawaiian button-down shirt. Be not afraid.

5. Pittorio's: Unbelievable food. Requires stylish casual dress, though we saw folks in their tourist gear, from shorts to cap.

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