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Wednesday, February 01, 2006
Sushi Robot
My husband thinks this Sushi Robot would be just the right addition to our kitchen.

I disagree. I am NOT making Sushi at home. (Counter space is too precious in my little kitchen to accomodate a robot, and it's a dish that can kill us. I mean, who would we sue?)

My hubby insisted that the robot makes the sushi.

Okay, well, if the robot can drive itself to the store, choose fresh fish that won't kill us, drive back with its load, let itself in, hop up on the counter and make dinner, we should definitely get one.

I'll even take it upon myself to serve the meal, but the little f**ker better be self-cleaning, too.

Plus I don't think we need 3000 rice balls per hour.
Fabulous Friendly Fondue, Forever
Last night, I met Jon at work with a plan. The San Diego Reader, which I flipped through while eating dinner at Yummy Maki, included a coupon for the new location of Forever Fondue. Either a two-for-one entree deal, or $15 off two complete fondue feasts.

We chose feasting.

First, we enjoyed a very fresh Ceasar salad, during which the waitress warmed the fondue wine. Then, we sampled the traditional swiss cheese fondue, prepared at our table, using breads and apples as well as vegetables. We chose the beef flavor fondue base for the main course, each receiving a plate of raw shrimp, beef, and chicken. Mine also included lobster, while Jon had salmon on his raw plate.

Chicken, it seems to me, is overdoing it for raw food served at table. Obviously I have no problem with raw fish or beef.

Certainly, the piece of least resistance was the dessert, a mix of white and milk chocolate served with a plate of strawberries, cakes, bananas and pineapple. It was without a doubt the highlight of the meal.

Though pricey (figure $100 with a bottle of wine), it was a meal worthy of an anniversary. Not that it was our anniversary. Unless it's the anniversary of our first trip to La Jolla.

The wine really made the meal. San Sebastian's 2001 Merlot was mellow and smooth, lacking harsh tannins and the bitterness that accompanies them. We indulged ourselves, and had a fabulous time laughing and teasing each other over our lengthy meal.

California wins again.

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