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Tuesday, January 31, 2006
The Jewel
La Jolla is the jewel I remember from last summer. Although our digs aren't quite as nice -- the Hampton Inn Del Mar hardly measures up to a million-dollar rancher near the shore -- I am happy to be as far from my messy home as I can get while staying in the U.S.

I've already visited some of my favorite haunts. Monday's lunch was provided by Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill, which is as good as ever. As far as I know, Rubio's only serves fish tacos, although Jon, ever the connoisseur of fine Mexican delis (a trait inherited from his dad), assures me that they do in fact serve a full menu of tacos, burritos, and fabulously small "street tacos" in carnitas, chicken, and beef flavors. I'll probably never find out; it's fish tacos or nothing for me.

Today, I decided to keep the fish but ditch the taco. Yummy Maki Yummy Box, which I blogged about last summer still serves damn fine sushi at unbelievable prices. For $12, I got a soda and a full serving -- an 8-piece California roll and 5 pieces of sushi. This little deli creates some of the best sushi and rolls I've eaten, although we do plan a trip to Nippon sometime this week.

Although I've been eager to get back to La Jolla, I'm afraid those are all the highlights from my first few days. I've been ill with a bad headcold, which made my flight oh-so-much-more enjoyable than usual, what with balancing motion sickness against complete (if temporary) deafness. My ears filled up, and they still don't seem to have fully popped.

Ah, well. At least this trip I got to be the annoying passenger sneezing all over my seatmates (Why suffer alone? I've contemplated licking the elevator buttons, too.), although one seatmate was my honey. Of course, having given me the cold to begin with, he's immune to my germinal advances.

So, sickly, I've been holed up in the room for two days (excepting lunch), playing at the computer and calling it work.

Ah. California.

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